• annex of mogador bedroom batisse belhomme
  • breakfast batisse belhomme guest bedrooms tarn
  • bathroom mogador bedroom guest bedrooms puycelsi puycelci tarn
  • original 17th centaury canopy bed tarn puycelsi


This bedroom is an annex of Mogador and can't be reserved only. By combining both bedrooms, families and parties who are willing to share a bathroom, can enjoy this wonderfully authentic, extremely spacious accompodation. It contains an original 17th century canopy bed, small double size. This room also has a single sofa bed (for a child) as well as a mezzanine floor which has been transformed in to a cozy double bedroom area.


  • 70 € the bedroom, breakfast included
  • 20 € for additionnal people
  • Rebate 20 % for the second night
  • Deposit is 20 % at reservation