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The house

Situated at 40 kms from Albi and 20 kms from Gaillac, Castelnau de Montmiral and Puycelsi, the Bâtisse Belhomme welcome you for a nice and bucolic holiday. Only traditional, natural materials have been used to sympatheticly and tastefully restore this hidden gem. You will be enchanted by its light airy feel and its architectural detail. It's an unusual building with an interesting blend of old materials, stone walls, mud walls and massive beams, which are in sharp contrast to the building's contemporary clean lines. You will also be delighted by the unusual mosaic decoration and wall sculptures.

The garden

The intimate garden encourages you to relax and daydream and there are many trees and flowers noooks which offer calm, secluded spots where you can enjoy the silence. There is a large covered terrace where you can relax in the shade while enjoying the beautiful scenery and magnificient sunsets. If you want, you can watch a movie on the big screen on the same terrace at nightfall or, if you prefer, you can stay indoors in the living room with its piano and library. We offer complimentary Wifi